Corporate videos on a global scale
for L'ORÉAL factories

Conceptualisation, storyboarding, editing and post-production of corporate videos

Client: L’Oréal

 Year: 2018- Present

Area: Marketing / Creativity / Audiovisual.

L’ORÉAL’s primary hair products factory, located in Spain, commissioned us to produce several corporate videos. These videos serve as support for various internal competitions that take place within the company around the world and in which all L’ORÉAL headquarters participate. We conceptualised each video, focusing on highlighting the various aspects that form the basis of the competition. We began developing this audiovisual resources in 2018, highlighting the sustainable policies and innovations that this leader in the world of cosmetic products has been taking the initiative on.

Our job is to highlight and demonstrate the value of the various programs L’ORÉAL has undertaken in order to reduce CO2 emission and optimise logistics, considering sustainability in the journey products make from the factory to the customer. It is a highly complex task; one to which we bring our passion for new challenges.

These videos have helped to position the Spanish L’ORÉAL headquarters as a reference for the effective presentation of content. Our work has obtained congratulations from members of the jury, who have used these videos as an example in other countries where L’ORÉAL is in the market.


You may be wondering where you can see the videos. As these are internal competitions, confidentiality is important. We hope to be able to show them very soon!