Marketing and IT Department of azz HOTELES.

5 establishments in 3 cities offering a comprehensive support, systems and consultancy service.

Client: azz hoteles

Year: 2017- Present

Areas: Engineering, Support and Marketing.

In 2017, beginning with a small boutique hotel in the heart of Seville, we started our journey with azz HOTELES: a company aware of the important role technology plays as a bastion of innovation and in improving customer service quality.

Thanks to their trust in us, we have taken an important role in their IT and Marketing departments. We support the management team in their decision making and help with the planning and execution of all actions and campaigns in these two areas.

In terms of Marketing, we are responsible for the company’s communications, the management of its social media, the assessment of and responses to customer requests, the creation of customer loyalty and recruitment campaigns, the design of corporate materials, support in organising the different events hosted by each establishment, and the list goes on… We have been responsible for a wide range of tasks, including carrying out a rebranding project at the end of 2019, helping adapt the chain’s image to match the reality of its present and prepare it for its future.

The chain has been growing in their use of technology. We have helped them to incorporate new processes, for which we have been responsible for the Systems Engineering, Security, and Communications as well as their integration into the company’s portfolio. In this sense, one of the challenges we took on was that of providing the design of scalable technological solutions for each moment in the business’ development. Meticulous planning and close attention to the client’s needs have been fundamental to producing perfect results. In addition, we offer a permanent support service to all azz HOTELES employees, attending to a variety of staff IT needs.