6 tips for making the transition as quick and effective as possible:

The current situation has forced many companies to adapt; one result of needing to adapt has been the rise of teleworking. Today we would like to share some ideas of how to make this transition easier for you and your company.

1. Ensuring all employees are connected

2. Agile business management. Everyone needs to know what to do and when to do it. Holding regular team meetings.

3. Knowing the tools that can help you to visualise your objectives and tasks

4. Constant and structured communication

5. Creating access and communication channels between yourself and your clients

6. Training users

laptop with teleworking video conferencing

On the other hand, there are a large number of tools that will make our daily lives much easier when working from home. There are 5 main types: video conferencing, chat, video, cloud collaboration and project management. We present some of them below.

Tools with a name of their own

We definitely recommend you to use Microsoft Teams, this tool provides a number of features that will allow you to work exactly as if you were sharing office space. Below you will find just a small taste of what you can do with Teams but… there’s so much more! If you need to go a step further, please contact us.

  1. You will be able to create groups and channels
  2. Meetings and live broadcasts
  3. Connect with people outside the company in a secure way
  4. Planning and task management
  5. Accessible from any device
  6. Seamless integration with all Office 365 tools

On the other hand, you can use other tools that, although not as comprehensive as Teams, can be useful.

  1. Google Docs for feedback
  2. Confluence for organising the workplace
  3. Slack for smooth communication
  4. Zoom for important meetings
  5. Dropbox for secure information exchange
  6. Zapier for automating processes

We hope you found today’s post interesting and we invite you to stay tuned. Very soon we will bring you more information on the latest in technology and marketing.