More than 8 years of making sure that everything simply works.

We design and manage technological  solutions based on the needs of  the studio at each stage of production.

Client: Sergio Pablos Animation Studios

Year: 2013 – Present

Budget: USD 40M

Area:IT Department, Engineering, Development and Marketing.

Responsible for technological infrastructure, and in charge of engineering and systems administration , communications with third parties, and information security andsupport for over an estimated 300 users. In addition, we are involved in marketing, mainly in terms of the production of graphic material and the implementation of campaigns.

The studio’s latest project, Klaus, has been a 3 year production for Netflix. It has been awarded 7 Annies and 1 Bafta, as well as Oscar and Goya nominations.

What they say about us

"The demands of a feature animation company like ours require a technical support team that’s flexible and quick to respond. STI has been working with us for several years now and have passed every test with flying colors. We’re grateful to have them by our side. Could not recommend them enough".

Sergio Pablos