A corporate image in line with today's reality.

If we look back over 10 years, the company we are today has nothing to do with that of the early 2000’s. We maintain everything that has brought us here: the enthusiasm, the effort, the desire and the commitment to our customers, but the reality is that today we are even better. We are more, we are stronger and we offer much more.

The creation of new departments focused on offering new services, such as Development or Marketing, has been a decisive factor in the process of changing our image. At the same time, the growth we have experienced, our special care for talent and the capacity we have today, also makes us a different company, and it was time to reflect this in our corporate image.

After several months of analysis, effort and consensus among the whole team, we proudly say goodbye to the name and image that has accompanied us all these years: [sti] Sistemas Tecnológicos Integrales, and we face the future under a new name and logo: Xatélite.

Why Xatélite?

We have been proudly boasting for many years of having entered the orbit of hundreds of clients, revolving around their businesses and taking them always to the technological reality they need. Well, our name comes from our daily life experience and from an analogy with the earth and the moon as a satellite of our planet. Can you imagine the earth without the moon? It’s scary just thinking about it, how many catastrophes we would suffer… Well, having us by your side is like having your own satellite, the one that makes sure that everything works harmoniously without you realising it.

People. Ideas. Technology

Undoubtedly the most profound change in us and in our brand. A claim that defines us, a way of understanding our daily work and what it means to belong to this team. We are a technology company that knows that technology does not differentiate us from the rest. “People”embodies the talent, enthusiasm, commitment, training, evolution… the most important element of what we are and also the most important element of our clients; people.

“Ideas” because working at Xatélite means understanding that creativity is an attitude, and that always trying to go one step further is the best way to give the best of ourselves.

“Technology” because it is our day-to-day tool, what we work with. A raw material that we try to make the most of and which we use to offer the solutions that our customers need.

A small step for the company, one giant leap for the brand

With this name and this declaration of intentions, it was time to come up with a logo that reflected professionalism, modernity, technology and proximity. To do so, we chose a typography with a lot of personality that would enhance the advantages of having an “x” in the name and we used shapes to add touches of colour that represent each of the company’s departments.

A typographic logo in its main version in lower case letters to be more direct and closer, which contrasts with the typography of the claim, capitalised and stylised to reinforce the power of the message.

After many sketches, several concepts and countless meetings and versions, we can finally proudly present our new brand and we want to share it with all of you, hoping you like it, as we are very happy with the final result.

Papelería Corporativa Xatélite

A corporate identity that conveys values that set us apart, such as proximity, professionalism and innovation. We hope you liked it and that under this new brand a new period of even more exciting projects will begin: we remind you that you will always have us at your disposal as IT Department or Marketing Department. See you very soon!